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About Us

Warmest greetings! I'm Anita C. Rafidi, creator of MyHealingCuisine. MHC is a natural outgrowth of my Vancouver Island guest-house/community called Sun Lotus Yoga Sanctuary. It's here, where I have put my heart and soul into cooking remarkably delicious and profoundly healthy meals for thousands of people over the years. It's here, thru personal encounters that I have learned that many people wish to eat healthier but lack the skill, creativity or just can't manage the demands on their time and energy. It's here that I recognized that I have a gift, and something I should share with the world; something which would make life better by improving health and well-being for all.

Thousands of studies, and thousands of years of experience* have proven that turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and many other key ingredients of MyHealingCuisine are the very ingredients which combat and defend against the most pervasive health issues faced today. MHC helps you easily fortify your daily diet with these and other potent super-defenders. Incorporating MyHealingCuisine's convenient, delicious, organic staples into your diet will enable you to develop health-promoting habits and more importantly, knowing that you are ingesting nature's most potent plant medicines regularly, helps you develop confidence and belief in your overall good health.

At Sun Lotus Yoga Sanctuary, we strive to model the easiest way to move toward vegetarianism, environmentalism and a more spiritually-based lifestyle; thru MHC we hope to also help you move towards a health-supporting diet and health-supporting belief system. Wellbeing is your natural birthright.

"Believe in your good health!"

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